B.13 ConditionTask

Sets a property if a certain condition holds true - this is a generalization of Section B.8, “AvailableTask ” and Section B.69, “UpToDateTask ”.

If the condition holds true, the property value is set to true by default; otherwise, the property is not set. You can set the value to something other than the default by specifying the value attribute.

Conditions are specified as nested elements, you must specify exactly one condition - see conditions for a complete list of nested elements.

Table B.15: Attributes

propertyStringThe name of the property to set.n/aYes
valueStringThe value to set the property to. Defaults to "true".trueNo
elseStringThe value to set the property to if the condition evaluates to false. By default the property will remain unset.n/aNo

B.13.1 Examples

<condition property="isMacOrWindows">
    <os family="mac"/>
    <os family="windows"/>

B.13.2 Supported Nested Tags