B.69 UpToDateTask

UpToDateTask tests if a file is newer than another file or files and sets a property if it is. This is a common way to avoid, possibly time consuming, creation of a target if none of the files/resources it depends on have changed.

Table B.74: Attributes

propertyStringName of the property that is to be setn/aYes
valueStringThe value the property is to be set totrueNo
srcfileStringThe file to check against target file(s)n/aYes (or nested fileset)
targetfileStringThe file for which we want to determine the statusn/aYes (or nested mapper)

B.69.1 Examples

<uptodate property="propelBuild.notRequired"
  <fileset dir="${src}/propel">

The above example sets the property propelBuild.notRequired to true if the ${deploy}/propelClasses.tgz file is more up-to-date than any of the PHP class files in the ${src}/propel directory.

<target name="CompileTarget">
  <uptodate property="target.uptodate" targetfile="main">
    <fileset refid="sources"/>
    <not><isset property="target.uptodate"/></not>
      <!-- Some commands to update the target ... -->

The above example shows a common use when doing a "compile" type target where a single target depends on other source files. In this case the commands to update the target (whatever they are) are only run if any of the source files are more up to date than the target.

B.69.2 Supported Nested Tags