F.2 ChainedMapper

This mapper implementation can contain multiple nested mappers. File mapping is performed by passing the source filename to the first nested mapper, its results to the second, and so on. The target filenames generated by the last nested mapper comprise the ultimate results of the mapping operation. The to and from attributes are ignored.

F.2.1 Examples

<mapper type="chained">
            <mapper type="flatten"/>
            <mapper type="glob" from="*.php" to="new/path/*.php"/>
                <mapper type="glob" from="*.php" to="*.php1"/>
                <mapper type="glob" from="*.php" to="*.php2"/>

Applying the mapper, you will get the following results from the following filenames:

Table F.2: Result of mapping

foo/bar/a.phpnew/path/a.php1 and new/path/a.php2
foo/bar/b.phpnew/path/b.php1 and new/path/b.php2