F.3 CompositeMapper

This mapper implementation can contain multiple nested mappers. File mapping is performed by passing the source filename to each nested <mapper> in turn, returning all results. The to and from attributes are ignored.

<copy todir="testbuild">
            <fileset dir="${project.basedir}"/>

This code will copy all files in the fileset to /tmp. All files will be in the target directory.

F.3.1 Examples

<mapper type="composite">
                <mapper type="glob" from="*.xsl" to="*.from.xsl"/>
                <mapper type="glob" from="*.xml" to="*.from.xml"/>
                <mapper type="glob" from="*.php" to="*.from.php"/>

Applying the mapper, you will get the following results from the following filenames:

Table F.3: Result of mapping