G.2 Date

The <date> tag selects files whose last modified date meet the date limits specified by the selector.

<fileset dir="${src}" includes="**/*.php">
  <date datetime="01/01/2001 12:00 AM" when="before"/>

Table G.2:  Attributes for the <date> selector

datetimeSpecifies the date and time to test for. It should be in a format parsable by PHP's strtotime() function.n/aOne of the two
secondsThe number of seconds since 1970 that should be tested for.n/a
whenIndicates how to interpret the date, whether the files to be selected are those whose last modified times should be before, after, or equal to the specified value. Accepted values are: before - select files whose last modified date is before the indicated date after - select files whose last modified date is after the indicated date equal - select files whose last modified date is this exact date equalNo
granularityThe number of milliseconds leeway to use when comparing file modification times. This is needed because not every file system supports tracking the last modified time to the millisecond level.0No
checkdirsIndicates whether or not to check dates on directories.falseNo