G.3 Depend

The <depend> tag selects files whose last modified date is later than another, equivalent file in another location.

The <depend> tag supports the use of a contained Appendix F, Core mappers element to define the location of the file to be compared against. If no mapper element is specified, the identity type mapper is used.

The <depend> tag is case-sensitive.

<fileset dir="phing-2.4.5/classes" includes="**/*.php">
  <depend targetdir="phing-2.4.6/classes"/>

Table G.3:  Attributes for the <depend> selector

targetdirThe base directory to look for the files to compare against. The precise location depends on a combination of this attribute and the mapper element, if any.n/aYes
granularityThe number of milliseconds leeway to give before deciding a file is out of date. This is needed because not every file system supports tracking the last modified time to the millisecond level.0No