B.16 DeleteTask

Deletes a file or directory, or set of files defined by a fileset. See Appendix D, Core Types for information on Filesets.

Table B.18: Attributes

fileStringThe file that is to be deleted. You either have to specify this attribute, dir, or use a fileset.n/aYes (or dir)
dirStringThe directory that is to be deleted. You either have to specify this attribute, file, or use a fileset.n/aYes (or file)
verboseBooleanUsed to force listing of all names of deleted files.n/aNo

If the file does not exist, do not display a diagnostic message or modify the exit status to reflect an error. This means that if a file or directory cannot be deleted, then no error is reported.

This setting emulates the -f option to the Unix rm command. Default is false meaning things are verbose

failonerrorBooleanIf this attribute is set to true, DeleteTask will verbose on errors but the build process will not be stopped.falseNo
includeemptydirsBooleanDetermines if empty directories are also to be deleted.falseNo

B.16.1 Examples

<!-- Delete a specific file -->
<delete file="/tmp/foo.bar" />

<!-- Delete a directory -->
<delete dir="/tmp/darl" includeemptydirs="true" verbose="true" failonerror="true" />

<!-- Delete using a fileset -->
  <fileset dir="/tmp">
    <include name="*.bar" />

B.16.2 Supported Nested Tags