B.72 VersionTask

The VersionTask increments a three-part version number from a given file and writes it back to the file. The resulting version number is also published under supplied property.

The version number in the text file is expected in the format of Major.Minor.Bugfix (e.g. 1.3.2). Alternatively you can use 'v' as prefix (e.g. v1.3.2).

Table B.77: Attributes

releasetypeStringSpecifies desired version release (Major, Minor or Bugfix)n/aYes
fileStringFile containing three-part version number to incrementbuild.versionNo
propertyStringProperty which contains the resulting version numberbuild.versionNo
propFileBooleanIf true, version will be saved using property file format (i.e. key=value).falseNo
startingVersionStringStarting version string, if version file does not exist.0.0.0No

B.72.1 Example

<version releasetype="Major" file="version.txt" property="version.number"/>
<version releasetype="Minor" startingVersion="v5.7" propFile="true"/>