B.72 WaitForTask

Wait for a condition to become true or a timeout, whichever comes first.

Table B.77: Attributes

MaxWait Integer Set the maximum length of time to wait in units3minYes
MaxWaitUnit String Set the max wait time unit. Must be one of "week", "day", "hour", "minute", "second", "millisecond" millisecondNo
CheckEvery Integer Set the time between each check500msYes
CheckEveryUnit String Set the check every time unit. Must be one of "week", "day", "hour", "minute", "second", "millisecond" millisecondsNo
TimeoutProperty String Name of the property to set after a timeout.nullNo

B.72.1 Examples

Wait for a maximum of ten seconds for the file "ready" to appear.

<waitfor maxwaitunit="second" maxwait="10">
    <available file="ready"/>

B.72.2 Supported Nested Tags

All conditionals including and, or, not etc.