B.73 XsltTask

With XsltTask, you can run a XSLT transformation on an XML file. Actually, XsltTask extends CopyTask, so you can use all the elements allowed there.

XsltTask is implemented by means of the XsltFlter and hence relies on PHP5 XSLT support via (libxslt) which must be available in php5. The XsltTask is equivalent to running command line xsltproc since that is a frontend for libxslt.

Table B.79: Attributes

style String The path where the Xslt file is locatedn/aYes
resolvedocumentexternals Boolean Whether to resolve entities in the XML document. (see this link for details) false No
resolvestylesheetexternals Boolean Whether to resolve entities in the stylesheet. false No
html Boolean Whether to work on HTML or XML. false No

Note: You can also use all the attributes available forSection B.14, “CopyTask”.

B.73.1 Examples

<!-- Transform docbook with an imaginary XSLT file -->
<xslt todir="/srv/docs/phing" style="dbk2html.xslt" >
    <fileset dir=".">
        <include name="**/*.xml" />

B.73.2 Supported Nested Tags

Note: You can use all the elements also available forSection B.14, “CopyTask”.

Additionally, you can use <param> tags with a name and a expression (or value alias) attribute. These parameters are then available from within the xsl style sheet.