E.20 XincludeFilter

The XincludeFilter processes a stream for Xinclude tags, and processes the inclusions. This is useful for processing modular XML files. DocBook book files are one example of modular XML files. Usage example:

  Render a DocBook book file called manual.xml, which
  contains Xinclude tags to include individual book sections.
<copy todir="${manual.dest.dir}">
    <xincludefilter basedir="${manual.src.dir}" />
    <xsltfilter style="${manual.src.dir}/html.xsl">
      <param name="base.dir" expression="${manual.dest.dir}/" />
  <fileset dir="${manual.src.dir}">
    <include name="manual.xml" />

Table E.16: Attributes for the <xincludefilter> tag

basedirStringThe working directory from which to process the Xincludes. Relative pathnames in the include tags are based on this location. Project basedirNo
resolveexternalsBooleanWhether to resolve entities. (see this link for details)falseNo