E.21 XsltFilter

The XsltFilter applies a XSL template to the stream. Though you can use this filter directly, you should use XslTask Appendix B, Core tasks which is shortcut to the following lines:

  <xsltfilter style="somexslt.xsl" />

This filter relies on PHP5 XSL support via libxslt which must be available for php5. Usually this means including the php5_xsl module when configuring PHP5. In essence this uses the same core libraries as "xsltproc" processor.

Table E.17:  Attributes for the <xsltfilter> tag

styleStringThe XSLT stylesheet to use for transformation.n/aYes
htmlBooleanWhether to parse the input as HTML (using libxml2 DOMDocument::loadHTML()).falseNo
resolvedocumentexternalsBooleanWhether to resolve entities in the XML document. (see this link for details)falseNo
resolvestylesheetexternalsBooleanWhether to resolve entities in the stylesheet.falseNo

E.21.1 Nested tags

The XsltFilter filter may contain one or more param tags to pass any XSLT parameters to the stylesheet. These param tags must have name and expression attributes.